Saturday, December 31, 2011

CASE: Trans gastric necrosectomy for WOPN

Young male with post alcoholic necrotizing pancreatitis...with persistent vomiting and wt loss, fever, discomfort..

CECT: S/O Engulfing necrosis in antropyloric region of stomach and in head of pancreas..creating gastric outlet obstruction., with another simple psuedocyst in body tail region of pancreas..

SURGERY: Trans gastric necrosectomy and external drainage of tail pseudocyst

Pt was discharged on POD 6 with normal diet..

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CASE: chronic Alcoholic pancreatitis - LPJ

Middle aged male with chronic alcoholic pancreatitis with pseudocyst in head of pancreas..and multiple calcifications and stones..

surgery: LPJ

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CASE: Obstructive jaundice due to impacted claculi in lower end of long cystic duct - inserting behind duodenum

middle aged male with SOJ
CECT/MRCP :; S/O long cystic duct with low insertion in CBD almost near pancreas and impacted calculi in lower end with compression over CBD.

Surgery: open cholecystectomy

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case : multiple jejunal intussecptions - lap assistdd resection

Young female with Known case of pseustes jeghers syndrome
presented with severe abdominal pain and nausea/vomiting..

Investigation s/o multiple intussecptions and one loop of intestine gangrenous...

surgery: lap assisted reduction and polypectomy with enterotomy and resection anastomosis..

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CASE: Malrotation with DJ obstruction - release of Ladd band and Duodeno jejunostomy

middle aged male with persistat vomiting

CECT : S/o malrotation with D3/4 obstruction

SURGERY: release of Ladd band and Duodeno jejunostomy

Pt discharged with normal diet on POD 7.

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Case : ca rectum with 3liver mets - LAR & resection of mets with segmentectomty

Middle aged male with ca rectum and multiple (3) liver mets
upper rectal growth.. 3 cycles of chemotherapy given..
taken up for surgery:


LAR With metastectomy and segmentectomy of liver segment 5.
discharged on POD 7 . no need for trasfusion.

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60 yrs male with GB MASS in fundus, 120 kg wt

Surgery: Radical cholecystectomy with liver resection of adjacent segments..
No blood transfused and pt discharged on POD 6.



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case: sigmoid diverticular perforation

old age male with perforated sigmoid diverticula
surgery: excision of sigmoid colon and exteriorization and lavage..

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CASE: CDC (Choledochal cyst type one) - Excision of CDC and RYHJ.

Middle aged female with choledochal cyst type one.


SURGERY: CDC Excision and Roux En Y hepatico Jejunostomy

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Middle aged male with liver tumor, AFP & CEA : NEGATIVE, NO CLD,



SURGERY: Rt segmental resection of segment 5 and 6 with tumor..with more than 2 cm of margin.
No transfusion required, post op pt shifted to Ward, without ICU Care, and discharged on POD 5.

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