Sunday, September 25, 2011

CASE: Trans gastric necrosectomy (acute alcoholic necrotizing pancreatitis)

28 yrs male, chronic alcoholic with severe necrotizing pancreatitis
day 36 of illness with fever, agonizing pain, persistent vomiting

CECT: Infected pancreatic necrosis

SURGERY: Trans gastric pancreatic necrosectomy

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CASE: Chronic alcoholic pancreatitis with head mass - LPJ

34 Yrs male with chronic alcoholic pancreatitis with head mass
8 kg wt loss, severe intractable pain in abdomen with back radiation,

SURGERY: LPJ With head coring.

Discharged on POD 7.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CASE: LAP fundoplication + fixation of stomach (recurrent gastric volvulous))

middle aged female with recurrent colicky pain in abdomen, nausea, regurgitation.
UGIE: Reveled large hiatus hernia with distorted stomach
X ray: s/o left sided eventration of diaphargm
BARIUM : GASTRIC VOLVULOUS with hiatus hernia..

Surgery: Laparoscopic repair of hiatus with Nissan's floppy fundoplication & derotation of stomach with retro colic seromascular gastro jejunostomy (stomach fixation to prevent volvulous)

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

CASE: LAP assisted reduction and resection - anastomosis for jejuno jejunal Intussecption

59 yrs female with recurrent colicky--> dull aching pain in abdomen, episodic in nature for last 6 months
presented with severe pain and distension with constipation for 3 days
USG: S/O dilated bowel loops with ? J-J intussesception 
CECT: Confirmed it. with lipoma being the lead point. 

SURGERY: Lap reduction of intussecption.

CASE:hiatus hernia with GERD - LAP Fundoplication

38 yrs male with GERD And failed medical management for last 4 yrs..
SURGERY: Lap floppy nissan's fundoplication

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CASE: LAP Rt adrenelectomy (Pheochromocytoma)

55 yr female with DM + HTN + HYPOTHYROIDISM
Diagnosed to have Rt adrenal mass --(pheochromocytoma)
after complete work up & alfa , beta blockage...

SURGERY : Laparoscopic Rt adrenelactomy

pt was discharged on POD 2.
HISTOLOGY: Pheochromocytoma with low mitotic index.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

CASE: Achalesia Cardia - Lap Heller's myotomy

Middle aged female with dysphagia & regurgitation..
Diagnosed to have Achalesia cardia, dilatation done twice - failed
SURGERY: Lap heller's myotomy

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

CASE: Empyma (Mirizzi syndrome )with CLD + HTN + IHD + DM

67 yrs male with Cholangitis with CLD, HTN, IHD,DM, failed ERC (papilla not located)

CECT: S/o empyma with mirrizi syndrome

Surgery: Open cholecystectomy. CBD exploration & removal of stone and stenting.

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CASE: Retained CBD Stones - open CBD Exploration and removal of stone

55 yr male with GALL Stone + CBD stone
ERC stenting done 1.6 yrs back (stone retaine)

P/H  : open cholecystectomy was done  ---> followed by biliary fistula----burst abdomen---

presented with incisional hernia and cholangitis with retained CBD stone and stent.

SURGERY: Open CBD Exploration and removal of stone & repair of incisional hernia.
intra op cholangiogram raveled no residual stone

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