Friday, January 11, 2019

Lap enucleation of Head Pancreas SPT: Dr Keyur Bhatt

Lap Enucleation of pancreatic head SPT

22 Years female with the history of dyspeptic symptoms and 3 kg weight loss,
On evaluation found to have Mass in the head of the pancreas.
CECT & MRI abdomen was done: S/o Most likely SPT (Solid Papillary Tumour )
of pancreas.

Surgery: Laparoscopic Enucleation of the tumor.

The patient was discharged on POD 3, uneventfully.

Biopsy: S/o SPT of the pancreas.

You Tube : Dr Keyur Bhatt

Saturday, January 5, 2019

diaphragmatic hernia

Lap Diaphragmatic hernia repair

Middle-aged male presented with complaints of difficulty in breathing
nausea and vomiting associated with bloating sensations past history of
stab injury in left chest 8 years back

on workup found to have a largely left-sided diaphragmatic hernia.

Surgery: laparoscopic repair of left diaphragmatic hernia.

YouTube: Dr Keyur Bhatt