Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Lap cholecystectomy (Gangrenous GB) : Dr Keyur Bhatt

Lap cholecystectomy Gangrenous cholecystitis (Intrahepatic GB)

Middle-aged male with a history of pain in upper abdomen for 3 days known diabetic for 15 Years.
TLC: 14000/CM
LFT: Normal

USG: s/o Acute cholecystitis with pericholecystic fluid.

Surgery: Lap Cholecystectomy



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Lap APR For Ca Anal Canal : Dr Keyur Bhatt

Lap APR For Squamous cell Carcinoma Anal canal

Middle-aged male with perianal pain and bleeding P/R.
Operated for MIPH & Perianal fissure with Bx from a fissure

Bx - Squamous cell Carcinoma of anal canal after three months patient had taken 60 Gy radiotherapy.

Post-treatment patient had persistent peri anal for 3 months, Underwent internal sphincterotomy for the same!

Two months later again underwent peri anal bx
s/o: Persistence of Squamous cell ca

PET Scan: s/p Locally active disease in the perianal region.

we received the patient after all the work up Advise: Lap APR

Surgery and post-op recovery was uneventful patient discharged on POD 5.

Biopsy: s/o T2N0 Squamous cell ca



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Monday, August 27, 2018

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Lap Liver cyst excision : Dr Keyur Bhatt

Lap Liver cyst excision

Middle aged female with pain in central abdomen On evaluation found to have a complex cyst in left in the left lobe of liver Hydatid serology and tumor markers were negative

Plan: Lap excision of the cyst.

A patient was discharged on next day.



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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Lap Choledochal cyst excision and RYHJ : Dr Keyur Bhatt

Lap Choledochal cyst excision and RYHJ

32 years male with a complaint of intermittent pain in RHC found to have CDC Type 1 MRI Confirmed the diagnosis.

Surgery: Lap CDC Excision with RYHJ Patient discharged on POD 5



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