Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Benign Biliary stricture TYPE 4: hepatico jejunostomy with access loop

Middle aged male encountered severe grade bile duct and b/l hepatic ducts injury along with ligation of Rt Hepatic artery.. 

later developed BBS IV. 

SURGERY: HJ with access loop.

CASE: pseut's jegar syndrome with intucessecption and perforated base of appendix : Enterotomy and rt hemicolectomy

young male with known case of pseut's jegar syndrome with severe abdominal pain for 1.5 days with distension, nausea, vomiting...

CECT: S/O multiple intucessecptions with dilated bowels and perforated base of appendix..
SURGERY: Multiple enterotomy and resections of larger polyps, reduction of intucessecptions, and Rt hemicolectomy

CASE: Bleeding posterior duodenal ulcer..-Ligation of vessel

middle aged male with ugi bleed,
SCOPY : S/o posterior duodenal ulcer with active bleeding, failed to achieve total control

SURGERY: Duodenotomy and underrunning of vessel and ligation of GDA supraduodenally..

CASE: distal pancreatectomy with splenectomy post traumatic

post traumatic complete transection of tail of pancreas and pancreatic ascitis..

surgery: distal pancreatectomy with splenectomy.

case: EHPVO with extensive ectopic varices and no GEJ / GASTRIC VARICES.. - PSRS done

middle aged male with h/o UGI/LGI Bleed and fall in HB
With total more than 20 units transfused ..over years..
detected to have EHPVO with extensive mesenteric and ectopic varices without involvement of stomach and esophagus...

Surergery: Splenectomy and PSRS.

chronic pancreatitis ; LPJ

Middle aged male with chronic alcoholic pancreatitis with pseudocyst in head, dilated MPD and severe pain and wt loss


Chronic tropical pancreatitis: LPJ

Young male non alcoholic with severe pain in abdomen for 12 yrs

CECT: S/o chronic pancreatitis with dilated MPD 13 mm and multiple big stones within


Left adrinal mass (? teratoma ): left adrenalectomy

young female with chronic dull aching pain in left flank
CECT : S/o calcified wall mass in left adrinal gland..
SURGERY: LEFT adrinalectomy

Right paraduodenal hernia with sub acute obstruction : correction, release ob ladd's band, excision of sac

19 yrs male with chronic pain in abdomen
bilious vomiting and wt loss..
diagnosed to have Rt paraduodenal hernia, With malrotation of gut

SURGERY: correction, release ob ladd's band, excision of sac and appendectomy