Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CASE: Acute mesenteric ischemia due to acute block in SMA

Middle aged male with pain abdomen for last 3-4 days acute in onset..central abdominal pain
with vomiting ...past history of CHD and coronary stenting done before 3 yrs

CECT  was done and was s/o acute sma block with thrombosis and proximal bowel gangrene and distal bowel ischemia...along with that air pockets in all lobes of liver..

taken up for surgery:

DAY 1: laparotomy and Superior Mesenteric Aartery exploration and thrombectomy and closure

Day 2: Re -exploration, proximal bowel resection anastomosis ..lavage and drainage.

patient was on inotrops and venti support for 7 days and was gradually improved  and started on oral diet and discharged on day 12.

You Tube : Dr Keyur Bhatt