Sunday, April 15, 2012

CASE: Perforated sigmoid diverticula with morbidly obese patient

Middle aged female with MORE than 45  BMI , DM , HTN
Presented with pain in abdomen lower back ache and diarrhoea...with distension..
CECT: S/O perforated Sigmoid colon diverticula with abscess in pelvic cavity

SURGERY : exploratory Laparotomy and resection of sigmoid and descending colon (diverticula barring segment) with intra op bowel lavage and colo rectal anastomosis and proximal diverting ileostomy. 

pt was kept on ventilator for 3 days post op and gradually weaned off..started on oral liquids by day 4 and sent home with minor wound infection on POD 13.