Sunday, April 15, 2012

CASE : SMA Thrombosis with ischemia -

Young male presented with acute abdominal pain severe in intensity with vomiting and distension, work up s/o acute thrombosis in SMA with more than 90% blcok in CT Angio


 Was kept conservatively and started on IV heparin..and gradually discharged over 5-6 days on oral anticoagulants and full diet.  was kept under close follow up as likely to develop stricture in coming 4-6 weeks

and rightly happened...presented with bilious vomiting after  6 weeks....was admitted and evaluated...found to have stricture in jejunum with dilated proximal bowel loops.... but by that time artery was totally recanalised...

surgery was done and discharged without any undue complication in 5 days..